Trailer Rigs

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Trailer Rigs! Shanks & Wires!

Get the set up, Keep the hook up!

Fair Flies customizable shanks feature one end with a round eye and the other end with a return eye, set 90 degrees from each other.  Articulated flies anyone?  A full 52mm allows you to tie long or short, at you desire!  Matte coating on the stainless steel shank lets the thread grip the shank with maximum friction, a bond so tight your hook will bend before the wire will slide off the shank when properly tied.  

The wires are mono-coated stainless steel for durability, even in saltwater.  They have the perfect balance of flex and rigidity, so your hook flows realistically behind your fly every time.  Plus, the pre-shaped crimp and bend allows for easy alignment of your hook and shank as you tie.  These wires will thread the eye of your hook without a problem.   Wire diameter is .018", or .46mm.

Finally, a shank and wire combo that works.

See detailed instructions inside your packages as needed. 

Produced by Stealth, Innovation pioneered by Fair Flies.

One dozen shanks, one dozen pre-formed wires.  Hooks not included.

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