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We make fly tying fun again.

Tie beautiful flies. Catch more fish.


We help fly tyers of every skill level tie better flies and catch more fish.

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The famous fly plan

Tying flies has never been easier with Fair Flies 5D Brushes.

All the materials you need in one brush, one purchase.

1. Pick a fly you want to tie. Need some inspiration? Check out our Ambassadors.
2. Decide what you are tying on. Our Trailer Rig shanks are the perfect compliment for 5D Brushes and make a great foundation for any fly.
3. Pick your 5D Brush.
4. Choose some details to fit your fly. Based on your style, the fish you're catching, the water conditions, etc you may want to add some details like Fly Fur, dumbbell eyes, or feathers. These aren't necessary but might fit your situation.
5. How-to videos explain just how to use our products.
6. Need some tying tools to get the job done? Wasatch Tools by Fair Flies offers premium tools for every task.

What customers have to say

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  • 5D Brushes

    Engineered to catch more fish

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  • Fly Fur

    Not your average craft fur

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  • Wasatch Tools

    The most beautiful tools in the trade

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