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Fair Flies Composite Brushes

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Project: Flies of Hope


We train tyers from scratch to commercial grade with top notch instruction like using knots and glue throughout the fly to make sure your flies catch more fish. Each year we take on at least one new group and help to raise funds that bring jobs into areas that need living-wage income. So far we have worked in Kenya and Nepal, and already have visions for the future in both those locations as well as additional SE Asian countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Korea, Cambodia, and more.


We work with stakeholder groups that help to fund startup and training costs as well as maintain ongoing relationships with the tying groups by traveling to visit at least once a year and regularly communicating to offer business expertise and friendship.


We regularly meet in person and online with the leaders and tyers of each group. We work through challenges, provide encouragement, and develop strategies together that benefit tyers in many areas of life. We partner with consulting groups that also help in the areas of personal finances, community development, and counseling for post traumatic stress. 

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Trade! Not Aid

2017 IFTD Best of Show award

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