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Epic Flies with the Turn of a Brush!
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Fly Fur

Twice the fur.
Double the flow.

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Our products are manufactured using fair labor practices and are made with biodegradable and non-toxic materials. To boot, our products are designed to land you a fish every time out.

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This brush is great for tying a variety of flies, it creates movement and awesome looking flies


This product may change fly tying forever.

Field & Stream

The brush has great color and action, while also making it really easy to tie some beautiful and productive flies.


I was instantly impressed by this material. I have been using it for steelhead flies. I’m not certain how exactly to describe it but it just handles better than standard select craft fur.


I have whipped up a few flies with the 5D Brush, and the Fly Fur and I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of both.


Best brush on the market for steelhead... just a few turns and you have a fly you can fish... with movement like no other... I will be buying more.