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Sparse Shrimp Candy Pink/Lavender 5D Brush

Sparse Shrimp Candy Pink/Lavender 5D Brush by Fair Flies. The best fly tying materials for the fly fishing fanatic.

Sparse Shrimp Candy Pink/Lavender 5D Brush is ideal for salmon, steelhead, and large trout. This brush will also work great for saltwater patterns including shrimp and squid flies. 


This isn’t your average dubbing brush. Fair Flies 5D Brushes are a notch above anything else on the market. Tying with 5D Brushes simply builds a better fly. 

We incorporate 5 dimensions into each of our 5D Brushes

  • Dimensional - each material is hand-picked and perfectly proportioned to work together seamlessly
  • Deeper - materials are selected for their ability to get in the water column
  • Dryer - these materials shed water quickly for easier casting and softer landing
  • Durable - synthetic fibers hold their color and 5D Brushes won’t unravel, giving you a fly that lasts
  • Doing Good - every 5D Brush is handmade by individuals that are at risk of exploitation. We provide living wages and excellent benefits to all our workers

Every brush is built with the highest grade stainless steel wire at its core making it saltwater safe and rust proof.

Start on any platform you wish: tubes, hooks, jigs, shanks, with weight, or without. More turns give fuller, bulkier profiles and fewer turns allow you to downsize for low, clear situations. Add a wing, or don't; it's up to you. But no matter how you fish, these materials will get you a lot of hookups. 

We are not taking the fun out, we are just taking some of the time out!

Build beautiful flies with Fair Flies


Materials: all synthetic materials and stainless steel wire

Size: each package includes one 12” (30cm) brush that will tie 8-12 flies

Dimensions: fiber length varies from about 3” (7.5cm) across to more than 5” (13cm) across


Type: Brush

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