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That change lives. We don't just use the best materials and hooks, we also pay a livable wage to individuals that have been compromised. Widows with children at home, individuals that have been trafficked, and orphans that are too old to remain in shelter and need a trade for life. You can be a part of the mission by helping us equip these individuals with good tools, materials and training so they can support their families and build a sustainable future without dependence on others.

Guided Trips

Every trip helps to cover the costs and supports tiers in Kenya. This isn't your average guided trip. Season and weather permitting we have access to some of the best waters in Oregon like the Deschutes, Rogue, all of the beautiful coastals and more through our strategic partners. With 20 years experience, Jeff will be your guide and gourmet chef in some of the best dining locations you could imagine. A true destination restaurant and outdoor experience.


An evening of learning about flies and the mastery of tying them. We even pair food and beverages with our classes. It's a good father/child night, mother/child night, or date night and can be completely customized for your group. Call us today to schedule a class at your location:

(541) 241-2030

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Flies of Hope

Spead Hope in Kenya

These are very good flies and priced nicely.


"I got the flies a few days back, fast delivery. They look great, nice assortment, simple yet classy packing. In fact I plan on going out Thursday, a three hour drive from home this time of year. I look forward to my next shipment."

D Lucas

"Very nice assortment, and I like the packaging."

R Falconer

"Thanks for the flies, Jeff. I received them today. Very nice presentation and packaging."

G Lewis

I just read the article about your mission and as a fly fisherman, sustainable growth advocate, elected official and a human, I wish to thank you a cant wait to start my subscription (s). Best Regards!

Dino D.

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Fair Flies is all about pairing your passion for fly fishing with our desire to make positive impacts with communities around the world. Our suppliers are committed to bettering the lives of the people they employ, be that with young people who need direction and purpose to stay out of crime, widows who need help providing for their children, victims of human trafficking who need to be rehabilitated, or simply parents whose children are at risk of being sold into slavery.

Obtaining regular orders from Fair Flies helps these suppliers retain employees and provide on-going mentorship as they engage in the art of fly tying. Join us by subscribing today!

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