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Lagartun Oval Tinsel

Lagartun Oval Tinsels are a staple in so many different patterns - everything from Atlantic Salmon classics to Intruders.  Oval Tinsel might be the most ubiquitous tinsel around.  Probably the most classic ribbing material of all time, Lagartun's strong Oval Tinsel protects the fragile elements of a fly while adding an enticing sparkle.

The sizes range from Fine, Small, Medium and Large.  Silver and Gold are available throughout the size range; Copper is only available in Small and Medium.  

Lagartun tinsels are all incredibly strong because Lagartun uses a polyester core, and the varnished metal outer layer will last throughout years of fishing.  

Collections: Braids & Tinsels, Lagartun

Category: Copper, Gold, Lagartun, Silver, Tinsel

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