Marc Faktor - BC @salmondreamz

Growing up on South Africa’s coastline with a fishing addicted father meant I was basically born with a fishing rod in my hand. From chasing tigers in the fresh water to shark hunting in the deep blue, my childhood solidified my passion for the search of a tight line. Moving to Toronto in 91 introduced me to salmon fishing and moving to Vancouver, BC in 2006 for grad school introduced me to real salmon fishing! However, it wasn’t until 2013 that things got real...and that’s when I picked up my first fly rod… I now spend my entire year chasing salmonids across the PNW along their migratory journey. When I am not fishing, tying flies, hanging out at the local fly shop, or dreaming of salmon, I am helping transform our healthcare system through digital health innovation. Business development with a purpose fuels my desire to contribute to a healthier world and I am absolutely stoked to work with Fair Flies to help change lives.

Catherine Laflamme - BC @catlaflamme

Born and raised just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Catherine grew up fishing and camping with her family. Her father influenced her love of fly fishing and had a fly rod in her hand by the age of 12. Soon after she was old enough to drive, she devoted all of her spare time to the local rivers chasing steelhead, salmon, and cutthroat trout.

Her passion for fishing continued out of high school as she worked part time at a local fly shop and soon after for Fly Gal Ventures (April Vokey).

She now works full time at Michael & Young Fly Shop's Vancouver location, where she has been helping customers get geared up for the last 6 years. Catherine loves meeting new people through the shop everyday and being surrounded by tying materials inspires her to come up with new fly creations.

Her true passion is casting a double handed rod for anadromous species. Catherine competed at Spey-o-Rama, the World Championships of Spey Casting, in San Francisco for her first time in 2018, claiming 2nd place in the Women’s division.

Despite having fished all over British Columbia for steelhead, salmon, and trout, Catherine has also cast lines in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Australia. Her passion caters to her love of adventure and exploration, all in the pursuit of fish.

Catherine is one of the Co-Founders of The BC Women’s Fly-Fishing Group. With more and more ladies coming through the doors at the shop, she thought it was time that BC had a platform to encourage this growth. Her desires are introducing more women to the sport through education, hosted trips, friendships, and by creating positive spaces for women to grow as anglers.

Catherine aspires to continue to grow as an angler herself, always looking forward to the next adventure.

Katy Watson - BC @katywat

"Kate Watson is a fly-fishing guide in northern British Columbia. She’s gregarious in nature, a fish bum on the river and has a passion for conservation, advocacy, writing, tying and seeking new adventures on the water. Kate manages and guides for Northern Outback Adventures in remote British Columbia for big bull trout on the fly as well as salmon, trout and arctic grayling. She is ever expanding their adventure repertoire. Kate grew up in the hunting industry which inevitable made her fall in love with wild places and wild beings. She was introduced to two handed rods and became enamoured with the north west steelhead culture. She eventually took to long lines and classic flies, blending tradition and contemporary techniques. She has competed twice at the world level for Spey casting and is excited to compete again this upcoming year.

 Her passion for fly fishing has allowed her to build a repertoire as an industry professional, offering casting schools and presenting at different casting and angling events. Kate is a professional fly tyer for both Lagartun and Partridge, tying Classic Atlantic Salmon flies and Spey’s for west coast steelhead as well as big articulated char patterns.

Kate works diligently with biologists, aquatic ecologists and various scientists on related fish studies, writing pieces and using action-based conservation movements in order to spread education about our current fisheries and natural resources. She believes in active advocacy in conservation, in human exploitations and marginalized peoples. She believes we as an industry are very capable of making a difference on a local and a global scale and is eager to help educate and advocate for a shift in how we source materials." 


Nacho Heredero - Spain @nachoheredero_crrflies

Nacho started to tie flies in 1991, but it was 4 years ago when he started to tie them commercially and opened his website (CRR Flies: ).
“I am a streamer junkie… so, I love to tie streamers! for trout, saltwater, bass… streamers! Some times I tie dries or terrestrials, but my passion for streamers is all for me.” He represents Loop Tackle of Europe, Ambassador for Deer Creek, ProTeam member at Ahrex Hooks, Pro Staff for Flymen Co, Hareline Collaborations, and Pro Fares. 
His portfolio incudes interviews for digital magazines or blogs like “In Pursuit of Trout”, “Le Mouching”, and “Fly Image” between others, and has recorded programs for a Spanish Channel about fishing and hunting that it is include in the Digital Platform Movistar+
“I am humble to say if my flies are better or worse because fly tying is all totally subjective and I never will be who value something like that. But what I know and I can say is that I put all my passion and soul on each fly and my head always is searching for the way to improve that fly. For me would be an amazing honor to incorporate your fly-tying materials to my flies and to work with them with passion, and, I will be very honest, since I saw Fair Flies “Fly Fur”, I have the need to tie with it. I LOVE that type of fibers for tying my flies.”
“I have one thing clear, how much more I do for a brand that believes in me, much more that brand will help me to grow like tyer.”
His websites/ blog you´ll be able to purchase his flies, and you will find step by step of some of his patterns. He enjoys sharing fishing days, and collaborates with Fly Tyers all over the world.


Emil Wallstrom - Sweden @wallstromemil

My family originates from the Swedish far north. I was born and raised a bit further south but still spent all my summers growing up fishing in the lakes and rivers of northern Sweden. My father was a fly fisherman and a dry-fly purist when I was growing up, but I never saw the appeal of casting tiny flies with long leaders. When I was older, I learned about pike and streamer fly fishing and fell in love with the big and versatile flies. I bought a fly-tying kit before I bought the rod and spent a winter tying wooly buggers and I haven’t stopped since.
Today I tie and fish all types of flies, but my main focus is streamers. I have a soft spot for the big articulated flies as they give me a lot of room for creativity. I also tie a lot of flies for European perch. A fish I have chased my entire life and one that never disappoints.
Working with fair flies adds another dimension to my fly tying. I like the idea of composite brushes and knowing that their products represent a good cause.


Rupert Harvey - UK @rupertharvey_ukflies

"Been tying for a good 25 year now and have learnt lots of tricks and tips along the way. 10 years ago I started tying commercially for a few select people and 6 years ago started an online store Towards the end of 2014, I was getting asked so many questions on "how did I do that?" that I decided to do my first video on the Velcro crab, and I have never looked back!"

United States

Robert Clark - Oregon @fly_fishing_vet

I started my fly-fishing passion in 2010 through the TBI clinic out of Fort Drum New York when I was still active in the US army. I slowly got in to fly fishing the next couple years due to still being active and training. In 2014 I was medically retired from the Army and moved back to Oregon with my family. The first year I was back my kids bought me a new reel for my fly rod for Father’s Day and that when it all sparked off. For the next year I tried to learn as much as I could to become a better fly fisherman. After giving the whole thing a year of learning how to cast and work the rod I decided to try to give fly tying more of the go. So in late 2015 I jumped in head first to learn everything I could to tie flies. I didn’t just want to be a one style tier so I tried to learn as many different styles as I could.

In late 2016 early 2017 I started to do streamers and truly fell in love the them. I love throwing them as much as I love tying them. I have got to the point in my fly tying that I have a strong passion to share what knowledge I have with people and help them start there own path down this amazing road. I have also made it a point in my life to introduce fly fishing and tying to veterans to help with PTSD and TBI. That has been life changing not only for the veterans but also in my own life and my battles I deal with.

William Cochran

Coch's Flies

William Cochran - Florida @cochs_flies

Straight from the Florida-Georgia Line, William Cochran of Coch’s Flies has always been a little bit country but a whole lot more rock n’ roll. Based out of Amelia Island, FL William was a late bloomer to the whole world of fly fishing.

Largemouth Bass was the standard test subject throughout his upbringing, by way of bait casters and the liking. After moving on to the realm of saltwater and developing an affinity for sight casting it was not until his young adulthood where he then caught “the bug”. Little did he know his interests in the sciences would take him on an infinite journey into fly tying. 8 years later and he’s a solid 2 years deep into designing flies as his side obsession.

Mostly dabbling in the saltwater crustaceans, there’s no denying the love for cephalopods from this full-time aquatic nerd. His development of the Squid Billie Big Game Series is a testament to the hydrodynamic properties that encompass the Fair Flies Brushes. The only expectations he has are those of the shared success stories utilizing his patterns to catch a fish of a lifetime.

Catch him Sunday evenings at 9pm EST to get a taste of the fly-tying ridiculousness that William brings to the table through his Instagram Live Series, “Fly Sunday Sewing Sessions.”

Tymothy Davidson - Utah  @browntroutjesus

Born and raised just outside of Sacramento, California, in July 1988. Taught early on how to fish by my father and grandfather on the local lakes catching bass and trout. Graduated from high school in Lake Tahoe class of 06’. Moved to Park City, Utah in 09’-10’ winter chasing deep powder. It’s here in park city where my love and passion for fly fishing emerged. I asked for a job in the local fly shop and was hired to tie San Juan worms sow bugs and pre-rigged bounce rigs. I was lucky to have some friends and mentors teach me the ins and outs of the sport and I just ran with it. Fly fishing as much as I could. I always had an artistic background from childhood and fly tying just came naturally to me.

That shop is long gone now but I currently work for a good friend of mine at Fish Heads Fly Shop in Heber City, Utah. This will be our 5th year in December but it feels like just yesterday we opened the doors. Business is good and I’m proud to be part of that shop. I also work winters at the local ski and snowboard resort at Park City Mtn as a Lift Lead Operator. (Glorified Carnie)

 I have traveled quite a bit on some epic fly-fishing adventures and consider myself very lucky to be able to take a fly rod to some pretty remote locations. I’ve fly fished from the southern coast of California down to Mexico, Alaska, and twice I’ve driven from Slc to Saskatchewan to chase northern pike, all over the western US, and down south in Argentina with my wife Puma (which is my favorite), and will be traveling to Xmas island in February to tangle with GT’s, Bones and Triggerfish.

Honored to be part of the Fair Flies family, excited to see what the future will bring for everyone involved in this! Thank you!

Kevin Doyle - Florida @destination_flies

Kevin Doyle started out fly fishing while living in his home state of Texas in 2010, and soon after found his secondary passion of fly tying. 

 After spending a few years living in Montana he now resides in Florida.  Most nights are spent at the vise thinking of new ways to utilize natural materials to fool fish all over the world.  He started Destination Flies with a goal of supplying anglers with quality flies that could be tailored to their destination and target species rather than just selecting run of the mill flies from a bin.   When not at the tying bench you can find him on the water hunting tarpon, redfish, and carp or anything else that cruises shallow water flats.

“I feel that my fly-fishing adventures and fly-tying skills would make for good relationship between Fair Flies and myself.  To say that I am passionate about the sport is an understatement, ever since starting to fly fish about 8 years ago my free time has been consumed with finding new water and new species to toss a fly at.  Finding the fish is only half the fun as I am always experimenting with new materials and patterns to develop flies that work great and also have desired appeal to help them with find their way into anglers fly boxes.”



 Kirk Gilchrist - PNW @tightlinefilms

Meet Kirk Gilchrist, the owner of Tight Line Films, a media production company that helps bring your vision to any screen. Tight Lines specializes in outdoor cinematography. Since Kirk has extensive background in loving nature through various sports, this obsession compliments his film work.

From fly fishing to snowboarding he does it all!

Current projects include being the Producer for BC Outdoors Sport Fishing TV, one of the longest running networks aired fishing shows in Canada. Most memorable episode so far are Fly fishing for bulls on the Pitt River with Curtis Meyers of BC Fly Fishing charters.

His career in fly fishing started over 20 years ago at Fly Angler Distributing where he worked for 9 years learning the ins and outs of the Fly-Fishing industry.

Kirk was blessed to meet the love of his life and decided to take a different path. He took a 12-year hiatus where he fished just for himself and most importantly help raise two amazing kids.

It was not until 5 years ago he returned to the fishing and outdoor world to pursue a career through film. He volunteers free time to the SSBC (Steal head Society of British Columbia) and considers himself the luckiest dirtbag on earth!



Treven Maharg - Montana @trevens_flybox

 Growing up in Montana I have been exposed to the outdoors since I was young. However, I didn’t get into fly fishing until 2017. I found my fathers old fly rods and tying stuff in the garage and started to teach myself. What was a hobby soon turned into a passion! My bedroom transitioned into a small fly shop filled with peg boards and storage containers. What time wasn’t spent at school or fishing was spent behind the vise. Fishing for mostly trout, I tie everything from nymphs and dries but specialize in streamers. Articulated streamers allow me to express my creativity and design unique and original patterns that are my own. In order to share this passion with others I created Trevin’s fly box. This allows me to connect with others in the fly-tying community and to share knowledge.
Ever since I started this lifelong sport, I believed that it is 100% more fun to catch a fish on a fly that I have tied myself. Therefore, I strive to fill my boxes full of various patterns, my design or not, tied by myself. Working with Fair Flies not only makes tying flies more efficient but also contributes to a healthier world.

Wes McNew - Texas @onioncreekflyco

In April of 2017 after my first redfish trip I bought a vise and a few materials and fell in deep! I was in a bit of a transition at the time. Having been traveling 200 plus days a year for the last 10 years as a guitar tech and stage manager I was growing weary. On top of the rigorous touring schedule my wife and I lost our first child Deacon in May of 2015. I didn’t really know how to process the loss and pain, so I continued to just keep my nose down and work and do my best to be there for my wife. I quickly learned that it was hard to be there if I couldn’t be there! Also, during this time, I picked up a fly rod for the first time in 15 years. I found that being outside and on the water was very soothing and healing. Fast forward and several trips across the country we welcomed our daughter to the world in Oct of 2016. Knowing that I didn’t want to leave my family and go back on tour. I became primary care (stay at home dad) for our little girl. This transition led to having extra time on my hands while the baby napped and after my first time fishing the salt, I bought a cheap vise and began this journey. This year will be my first year tying full time. Which wouldn't be possible without the support of my family and the amazing fishing community here in Central Tx as well as all the folks that buy and use flies that I tie. Being new to the craft and not being much of a designer at this point I have developed a broad range of tying. I am currently tying for eight shops throughout the state of Texas and filling custom orders all over the country whether it be Rio Grande Cichlid in the Tx Hill Country or Chasing Indo Permit off the coast of Oman. As we begin a new year, I’m looking forward to nurturing some of the amazing relationships I’ve made and looking forward to building new ones.

Braden Miller - East Coast @flyfisher0906

 Braden taught himself to tie flies by watching videos on YouTube and Instagram. He has been obsessed with fishing for as long as he can remember, and has been fly fishing and tying since he was 8 years old (he is currently 13). Since venturing into this sport Braden has traveled across the country chasing after fish with his TFO fly rods and flies he tied himself. Braden has made fly tying appearances at several shows up and down the East Coast, including I-cast, the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival, the Fly-Fishing Expo in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and The International Fly Tyres Symposium. Braden plans to continue to volunteer with Project Healing Waters and thoroughly enjoyed tying flies at their 2-Fly Tournament at Rose River Farms. This year at his middle school he started Trout in the Classroom and a fishing club with the support of his principal and previous science teacher. This program is designed to educate his peers about the different types of fishing, saltwater vs. freshwater, fly fishing vs. conventional fishing and water conservation. Braden is the first Junior Ambassador for Temple Fork Outfitters, a Nor-vise team member, and he is an ambassador/pro-staff member for Fly Life Company, District Angling and Catch Cam Nets. You will be able to catch Braden at the following shows this year: The Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Fest, the Edison, New Jersey Fly Fishing Expo, Lefty Kreh’s Tie Fest, The Maryland Fly Fishing Show and the Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Fest.

Nick Vlahos - Florida @sandbar_flies

I’ve lived in the south all my life. I was born in Baton Rouge, La but later moved to Texas and Georgia. As a kid I grew up tossing gold spoons from a spinning rod to redfish in the Louisiana marsh. My summers were always spent vacationing on the beaches of the Florida panhandle. My start in fly fishing began in middle school slinging dry flies to wild trout in the north Georgia mountains. My college days as a student at LSU is where my love for the sport transitioned to saltwater. 
My saltwater fly-fishing days began in a kayak with whatever store-bought flies I could get my hands on. I realized the pre-made fly selection they had to offer did not suit my fly-fishing needs for the Louisiana marsh. When I finally bit the bullet and bought my first vise, I realized the potential of perfecting each fly for specific situations. I was able to manipulate colors and patterns to my liking. When my family moved from Georgia to Destin, Fl my fly-fishing knowledge was tested. What I found to work in my home waters of Louisiana did not always translate to the Emerald waters of the Florida panhandle. The exposure to so many different bodies of water has helped my passion for fly tying grow. The opportunity to develop relevant fly patterns is what keeps the challenge alive.

Sandbar Flies was created for the fly fisherman who casts from the Louisiana marsh to the Florida panhandle and all sandbars in-between. The name Sandbar Flies was born on the barrier islands off the Louisiana Gulf Coast. To us it's more than tying thread to a bare hook. It's through trial and error and countless field testing that we have created Sandbar Flies. From the thread color, to the hook size, to the weight of the fly, our flies are hand tied and developed with your location in mind.

Micah Walker - Georgia @micahwalkertexasranger

I was born and raised in Georgia and I cast my first fly when I was ten. The cast wasn’t pretty, but with time, work, and guidance, I began my true fishing journey by the age of twelve. Growing up in a homeschool environment, with a fly fishing guide as a dad, I was afforded the opportunities to explore my interests and develop my passion. I was involved by immersion in the field. Helping him to prepare for trips, he explained what all of the equipment was, how it worked, when and why to use everything. I remember being especially fascinated as I watched him spin the thread on the hook. 
Five years ago I began tying flies and I really started paying attention to the details. It was therapeutic for me to sit quietly in front of the vise for hours and watch the colors and textures build and blend, until finally; a fly was born. I absolutely love fly fishing, though, I have become somewhat of an addict when it comes to spey fishing, and I tie accordingly. I mainly turn out streamers and swing flies, but, I appreciate a well-tied fly and will take a stab at whatever I think would turn a monsters head my way. Guiding for several different species has helped me as a fly tyer overall, as I am able to see the fish react to various flies on a daily basis.
Starting on amazing rivers like the Chattahoochee and several North Georgia Mountain streams, I also fell in love with the Naknek and other rivers of Alaska, where my family traveled and worked. Currently, my winters are filled with guiding and tying in GA, and my summers, in the land of the midnight sun, in AK. This will be my fourth season in Alaska, and I am excited about the adventures to come.

Mike Washburn - Maine @washburn_fly

Mike Washburn is a husband, father, fly fishing enthusiast and passionate fly tyer from Maine. Mike has lived in Maine his whole life and has always enjoyed the outdoors. Mike grew up hunting and fishing with his dad but didn’t start fly fishing and tying until 2014. Since then, Mike has truly been hooked. Mike incorporates Maine’s rich fly tying heritage into his work as much as possible, tying classic trolling flies, trout flies and salmon flies. Mike is always looking to push the envelope of fly tying by using new and innovative fly materials and techniques. In 2017, Mike created a small batch custom fly tying business with a mission to provide fly anglers with quality flies and to share the passion of fly fishing and tying with others.

Nathan Wight - Maine @n.w.flyco

Nathan has been tying flies off and on from the age of 6. Tying was something his dad did a lot of to provide flies to his clients. Nathan would beg his dad to tie wooly worms on a Thompson Model A that was given to his dad as a young man. When Nathan was around the age of 10, he would rush home from school to practice casting in the back yard. His dad caught him cutting the points from his good streamer flies and he was not impressed. Instead of a punishment, Nathan received a vice of his own and was told two things; “If you want to be serious about fly tying and fly fishing you can only use your own flies from now on and stay out of my good dry fly hackle!!!”

At the age 21, Nathan became the fourth generation Master Maine Guide in his family. His career in Law Enforcement kept him from guiding but it didn’t slow down his tying. In 2003 he left his role as a police officer and went to work for Sun Valley Sports and Guide service in Bethel ME as a full-time guide.  Nathan helped build their fly shop, ran drift boat trips and wading trips in western Maine and parts of New Hampshire as a nonresident guide. The end of his second season they had become a Platinum Orvis retail dealer and an Orvis endorsed guide service. They ran several adult and youth fly tying class out of the shop. Nathan provided about 2000 flies a year of local patterns for retail sale. Although Sun Valley Sports closed in late 2008, he continued to guide on his own and started teaching more tying classes.

Today, Nathan still offers tying classes and private lessons, including a spring program of casting, fishing, and tying for veteran’s at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester ME. Nathan started North Woods Fly company for two reasons; to break away from tying large shop orders to small custom orders and to provide high quality custom flies.

With a full time job and a fly tying business, Nate doesn’t get out fishing as much as he’d like.  He does do an annual fishing trip to the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY for King Salmon and Steelhead and get’s out as much as he can for brook trout in Maine.

Thomas Williams - East Coast @stoneys_custom_flies

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada Thomas grew up fishing infamous waters like the Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake on the hunt for big Rainbow, Lahontan Cutthroat and Brown Trout. At the age of 21, he enlisted in the United States Army as an aircraft electrician. The opportunity to travel allowed him to diversify his fishing options and he soon found himself spey casting to wild Salmon and Steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula. From there his passion and what most would call an obsession took hold of him. After multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan left him struggling, he found himself more and more immersed in fly fishing and he wandered deeper and deeper off the beaten path in the pursuit of what he loved. His absolute favorite place to fish is outside the village of Kobarid, Slovenia.

There in the River Soca, monstrous Marble Trout are king and years of experience are put to the ultimate test. He spent his summer walking the white sand and limestone streams chasing Marbles and Grayling. Often, he found himself crawling on his stomach to approach weary fish with only a cast or two if he’s lucky to get it right. After a decade of honing his skills he opened Stoney’s Custom Flies in 2018. Fly fishing has forever changed his life and given him a peace that is hard to justify in words. Today serving on active duty he spends his days training Soldiers and his nights tying flies, growing his company and dreaming of his next adventure.