Fair Flies puts people and the planet first. 

Our products are people-friendly.  

      We work with partners in third world countries to employ exploited and marginalized people out of vulnerable circumstances. Our livable-wage policies help prevent trafficking and exploitation for coming generations, giving our employees the ability to send their kids to school and provide a good life.

    When you purchase Fair Flies products, you are helping us end human trafficking for some of the most exploited people groups in the world.

Our products are planet-friendly.

    We use waste-free manufacturing practices and biodegradable packaging and materials. All of the metals in our products are non-toxic and do not hurt fish, protecting our beloved sport for future generations.

When you fish our products, you help preserve our environment.

Award-winning innovation paired with ethical practices.

Our products are designed to land you a fish every time out.


5D Brushes

Spun with our special cocktail of materials, one brush can replace dozens of materials and cuts your tying time in half.

  • 5 wire system locks every material in and increases hydrodynamic properties
  • Each material's color is hand-selected to catch the fish's eye based on optical science
  • Up to six materials packed into each brush
  • Materials designed to repel each other in water

Fly Fur

Say good-bye to crappy craft fur. Our fly fur is only 25% underfur (as compared to the standard 50%) and contains fibers that measure 100mm. This means you get more bang for your buck and your flies look better in water.

  • Longer fibers so you have more material to work with
  • 100% less underfur as compared to the competing fly fur
  • Denser fibers for better flow

Our Ambassadors

Catherine Laflamme

British Columbia

Catherine is an award-winning professional fly angler, fly fishing guide in Vancouver, B.C and co-founder of the BC Women’s Fly Fishing Group. She loves to chase fish all over the world, and is always looking to introduce more women to fly fishing through education, hosted trips, and creating positive spaces for women to grow as anglers.

Marc Faktor

British Columbia

From exploring the water of South Africa with his father as a kid, to chasing salmon across the many rivers of the Pacific Northwest, Marc loves fishing! His passion for fish is only rivaled by his passion for helping people. When he’s not fishing, he’s working to transform healthcare through digital innovation.

Katy Watson

British Columbia

A professional fly tier, angler, guide, and “Fish Bum,” Kate loves the wild. Her passion for the outdoors began in hunting, which led to her picking up a fly rod. She cares deeply about the environment and people, advocating for conservation and human rights.

Nacho Heredero


Self described “streamer junkie” Nacho has an itch to fish! He’s caught fish all over Spain, has been featured in publications, and has recorded hunting & fishing programs for Spanish TV. With over 30 years of tying experience, his constant desire to improve new & existing techniques and patterns - Nacho’s flies are art that catch fish!

Emil Walstrom


A lifetime fisherman, Emil fishes the lakes of Sweden for European perch and Pike. Though his father focused on dry flies, he specializes in streamers, having a soft spot for bigger flies that get wet.

Rupert Harvey

United Kingdom

Youtube tutorial genius and pro tier, Rupert loves to tie flies. With 25 years of experience, he focuses on innovation, especially within the sector of streamers and larger flies.

Robert Clark


Robert discovered his love for fly fishing during his service in the US army. His passion continued to grow when he was medically discharged. He started fly tying as well, and now teaches other veterans who struggle with PTSD the art of fly fishing.

William Cochran


Based in Florida, William is a southern saltwater fanatic. His passion for studying saltwater crustaceans has led him to develop some amazing fly patterns, and loves the Fair Flies brushes for their hydrodynamic properties. Catch him on Sunday nights on Instagram to see his tying skills in action.

Tymothy Davidson


Though Tymothy is based in Utah, he fishes everywhere from the coast of California to Argentina. Fly tying began his career around ten years ago, and now he’s working as a fly fishing guide.

Kevin Doyle


 For Kevin, his love of tying almost outweighs his love of fly fishing. He runs Destination Flies, a business that caters to specific geographic fishing destinations, specializing in personalized boxes. Fair Flies products help him to help other anglers catch their biggest fish.

Kirk Gilchrist

Pacific Northwest

Meet Kirk Gilchrist, avid fly fisherman, owner of Tightline films, and current TV producer for BC Outdoors Fishing TV. His love of film and fishing combine perfectly in this job, where he shares the love of fly fishing, tying, and the outdoors.

Treven Maharg


Trevin is a zealous fly fisher and tier. While he loves the chase, he also loves tying all sorts of flies- from dry flies to streamers. He’s excited about innovation and creativity, especially in streamer patterns, which makes him a perfect fit for the Fair Flies team.

Wes McNew


 Former stage manager and guitar tech turned fly junkie, Wes is stoked on the fly industry. He ties for custom orders and shops all over Texas, all while being a five star stay-at-home dad.

Braden Miller

East Coast

 Braden is the fly fishing industry’s prodigy. You can catch him at regional fly fishing shows all over the east coast. He’s all about fly fishing and tying all over the country, as well as educating the next generation on conservation and the sport he’s hooked on.

Nick Vlahos


Though Nick began fly fishing with dry flies, his alma mater LSU turned him into a southern saltwater junkie. He now runs Sandbar Flies, a company that specializes in saltwater flies, all designed from the expertise he gathered from his extensive fishing.

Micah Walker


 Micah splits his time between the warmth of Georgia and the frosted air of Alaska, guiding in both states. He ties everything from streamers to dries and fishes accordingly. Though a lifetime fisher, he’s looking forward to his fourth season guiding the wild waters of Alaska.

Mike Washburn


Combining innovation and Maine’s rich dry fly tying heritage is Mike’s specialty. He runs a small batch fly tying company that does just this- but he also loves the chase. He shares this passion online on Instagram.

Nathan Wight


A fourth generation guide and professional fly tyer, Nathan loves chasing fish on the east coast. He left his career over ten years ago as a police officer to guide full time. Now he runs a side business tying flies, where he is passionate about tying small-batch flies for customers.

Thomas Williams

East Coast

Thomas has fished in some of the most wild places thanks to his long career as a combat veteran in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s found healing in the sport and loves to help others do the same.

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What if my Wasatch Custom Angling tool needs repair?

If your tool needs repair, simply contact us at info@fairflies.com and tell us about it. We will assign you an RMA number and you can return your tool to us. We will then take a look at it and decide if we can repair it or if it would be better to replace it. We'll get you taken care of in short order.  

How do I get my HMH vise or accessory repaired?

You will need to contact HMH directly for all warranty matters. Call HMH at 207-729-5200 or email them at info@hmhvises.com. The helpful folks there will arrange for a repair or replacement as needed. You must return any defective part(s) directly to HMH (contact them for their current address) as they will not replace any parts without having the defective part in hand.

Where can I read your Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, and Return Policy?

Glad you asked for such stimulating reading. Click here for Privacy Policy, here for Shipping Policy, and here for Return Policy.

Where are your brushes made?

Fair Flies 5D Brushes are hand-made in Nepal. We currently have two tying teams and employ more than 40 people. Every tyer goes through weeks of training and every single brush is checked for quality several times. Our tyers are proud of the work they do and strive towards the core values of beauty, excellence, integrity, justice, and love.

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