Streamer and Saltwater 5 Piece Tying Kit

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Streamer and Saltwater 5 Piece Tying Kit

Streamer and Saltwater 5 Piece Tying Kit includes the most essential tools you will need to execute an alluring and effective large fly for your next outdoor adventure.  Salt Water Ceramic Bobbin for smooth, break-free thread application and Salt Water Whip Finisher provide the extended reach needed for these types of flies.  The Hair Wing Scissors have the best blades for cutting Fly Fur, and the Heavy Bodkin is strong enough to really tease out the fibers as you like.  Wood Dubbing Whirler provides beautiful and handy dubbing loop capabilities.  As with all Wasatch Tools, the hand feel and elegance are unsurpassed, and the handy pouch provides mobile protection.  Truly a pleasurable experience to use.  

Kit includes:

Hair Wing Scissors, Long Arm Ceramic Bobbin, Heavy Bodkin, Wood Dubbing Whirler and Salt Water Whip Finisher.  Comes with Olive Cordura Tool Roll.  (JVise and materials not included.) Enjoy a 20% savings!

Handy add-on:  Rotating Bobbin Threader

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