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Dark Sapphire Blue Fly Fur

Dark Sapphire Blue Fly Fur by Fair Flies

Fly Fur is designed by fly tyers specifically for fly tyers. 


  • Half the underfur and twice the overfur of other select craft furs
  • Longest, most supple fibers will not leave you wanting for your pike and streamer patterns
  • Superfine fibers are coated so that they do not clump but flow freely when wet
  • Uniquely designed colors for fish - not leftover colors from other industries 
  • Great marabou replacement
  • Perfect for tying your flies and jigs
  • Outlasts the natural fibers it replaces
  • Fibers made from 45% post-consumer products
  • 25 square inches

The NEW standard for craft Fly Fur!

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Category: Blue, Fly Fur

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