We're Back

Fair Flies


HELLO! We'd like to re-introduce ourselves to you - we're Fair Flies.

We make 5D Brushes, Fly Fur, and Wasatch Custom Angling fly tying tools. Although we've been quiet for a few months, we have been hard at work. Read on to see what we've been up to, and what’s planned for the future!

The world shut down in early 2020 and it hit global supply chains particularly hard. Our production nearly ground to a halt. However, we turned the pandemic into possibility. We took the opportunity to re-tool our production. We started new teams in new countries and conducted days of employee training over Zoom.

We had big plans to launch a revolutionary new product to the conventional fishing market. The launch was planned for Summer 2020 and suddenly our supply chain was gone. That one product has morphed into an entire line of innovative products for the spinning reel market. Keep an eye out for our announcements!

Our company moved headquarters from the Pacific Northwest to Chattanooga, TN. Our R&D space, including the addition of some incredible machines, is vastly improved. We're working on new products as well as redesigning our Wasatch Custom Angling tool lineup. We've got new team members in both the PNW and in Chattanooga. We're back, with lots of forward progress. But our mission hasn't changed. Fair Flies puts people and the planet first.

We want to say welcome, or welcome back, to Fair Flies, where our motto is Tie Better Flies Faster. 5D Brushes cut your tying time in half! Less time tying means more time on the water and we all want that.