Featured Ambassador: Marc Faktor

Marc Faktor

Growing up on South Africa’s coastline with a fishing-addicted
father meant I was basically born with a fishing rod in my hand.
From chasing tigers in the freshwater to shark hunting in the
deep blue, my childhood solidified my passion for the search of a
tight line.

Marc Faktor Predator Fly

Moving to Toronto in 1991 introduced me to salmon fishing
and moving to Vancouver, BC in 2006 for grad school introduced
me to real salmon fishing! However, it wasn’t until 2013 that
things got real...and that’s when I picked up my first fly rod…

Marc Faktor Atlantic Salmon Fly

I now spend my entire year chasing salmonids across the PNW
along their migratory journey. When I am not fishing, tying flies,
hanging out at the local fly shop, or dreaming of salmon, I am
helping transform our healthcare system through digital health
innovation. Business development with a purpose fuels my desire
to contribute to a healthier world and I am absolutely stoked to
work with Fair Flies to help change lives.

Keep up with Marc on Instagram: @salmondreamz

Marc Faktor Intruder Fly